Message from IP Section Chair Chris Lightner

This bar year we are continuing our efforts to return to a pre-pandemic normal.  Our committees are already hosting several in-person CLE events covering a wide range of relevant topics—with more to come as well.  The IP section is also once more returning to the Mid-Year Meeting of the State Bar, with a seminar that hopes to be of interest to IP and non-IP attorneys alike.  Our Executive Board members are even beginning coordination efforts for a larger section-wide event next spring, likely based locally geographically, but akin to the programming we used to have way back in 2019!  We encourage all of you to re-engage or further engage as notices of upcoming educational programs are circulated.

We are also planning several social events throughout the year, with the goal of driving membership growth and participation in our programs.  We have seen excellent results in this regard so far, with many of our committees having been reinvigorated with “new blood.” If you’re interested and not yet involved, please reach out to me directly.  I can personally attest that being active in the committees and programming was how I originally became involved with the Section and that involvement has been of great impact for me both personally and professionally.  I hope that we, as a Section, can be a valuable resource in this regard for each of you, too!

Finally, I want to thank each of you for your ongoing support and service to the Section; we, as your leaders and Executive Board, could not do half of what we do each year without your efforts!  To those of you tireless dedicated—your efforts are not unnoticed.  To those of you looking to become more involved—we are ready to welcome you!  Why wait—jump on in!